A short film by jeanine frost exploring the emotional aftermath of partner violence.

A short drama exploring the emotional aftermath of relationship/domestic violence.

1 out of 3 women worldwide will experience violence in a relationship at some point in their life. It is most prevalent among young adults age 18-24; we need to destigmatize this issue to fight this behavior. Watch NO MORE and let's talk about it!




A young Danish woman fights to find clarity in the hours after leaving her abusive boyfriend.


May expects her Danish friend Julie to join her at a party in the East Village. The night dramatically shifts when Julie calls May crying, telling her she is not coming. When it is revealed that Julie is the victim of domestic violence, May drops everything to help her friend. We follow Julie over the next 24 hours as she makes some of the most brave and difficult decisions in her life. Wavering between logic and passion, feeling the loss of identity and pushing away the truth, Julie finds herself on a path that could steer her right back…